Deep Blue


San Antonio and the open sea

The Atlantic ocean. Transformations. An infinite palette of colors mutates with the sky. Little miracles in the water. Birds and mammals in their natural habitat. Cetaceans seen at the breakers. Rio de la Plata dolphins plowing the waves. Seagulls diving in search of food.

Berberechos diving in the sand. Southern right whale  travelling South during the winter.

At night, the lighthouse of Cabo Polonio after its 12 seconds of darkness.


Virgin, solitary, vast

An explosive sunset.

Feel the sand running between your toes.

Wells of silence marking the rhythm of the waves.

Birds flying over the outline of a fisherman in the distance.

Everyday unique.


Native lookout points

Dunes that witness the development of Uruguay’s coastal ecosystem.

High terraces of sand and vegetation resisting erosion.

A 360 ° turn to contemplate the immensity of the forest, the beach and the sea.


San Antonio’s guardian

Walk through the forest, discover it every time.

Houses and cottages hidden between paths.

Owner of a dense flora, San Antonio is made of varied native species, acacias and towering European pines. Wild flowers. Plants with medicinal uses. Magic edible fungi. Butiá palms.

If you are lucky, the gift of a fox, a hare or a mountain deer that crosses your path.

To do

Being in San Antonio. Being in the present

Take a walk through the forests, rural paths and unmarked streets, watch native trees, pines and discover the houses, one by one, hidden and scattered.
Enjoy the silence, the literature, birds singing, and the perfume of rosemary and lavender.
Witness the rising sun in the infinite sea and the magnificent full moon growing on the water.
Bathe in the sea. Surf, kite, kayak or paddle surf.
Run through rural roads. Horse riding.
Cook without a clock, combining the fruits of the sea and the earth.