San Antonio


Discover the diversity of Uruguay´s nature in San Antonio.

Almost 4 km of coastline, between La Pedrera and Cabo Polonio.

As  far as you want to go.

Virgin beaches, dunes and leafy forest.

Pure nature.

And the taste of countryside life.

A factory of memories in the sun.

A concert of wild birds.

The empty sound of the waves growing in the ocean.

Brushstrokes of sunset crossing the sky.

Peace and deep rest.




Big things in a small format

A country like no other. At human scale. The logic of the simple and true.

Year after year travelers from all around the world converge in Uruguay. Some of them stay, others return.

Will they seek the diversity of its natural landscapes, experience a life in communion with the environment, its rivers, lagoons, mountains and beaches, its measured towns with their production on a small scale ?.

Will they seek the warmth of its people, the slow time, the gentleness of austere living?

Or will they look for nothing. Then they will be at home.

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Experience nature at first hand

Rocha combines sierras, lagoons and beaches with a particular touch of bohemia that expands the connection between the visitor and the environment.

Its endless coastline unfolds the charm of Punta del Diablo, La Paloma, La Pedrera, Aguas Dulces, and the Barra de Valizas.

Exceptional sightseeing at Monte de ombúes and Arroyo de Valizas, the Laguna de Rocha and the magic and rural touch of the Sierras.